Sure Electronics AA-AB41147 Regolatore di volume digitale con potenziometro
  • Sure Electronics AA-AB41147 Regolatore di volume digitale con potenziometro
  • Sure Electronics AA-AB41147 Regolatore di volume digitale con potenziometro
  • Sure Electronics AA-AB41147 Regolatore di volume digitale con potenziometro

Sure Electronics AA-AB41147 Regolatore di volume digitale con potenziometro

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Sure Electronics AA-AB41147 Regolatore di volume digitale con potenziometro

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Digitally Controlled Stereo Electronic Audio Volume Control Board VC04 - NJM1109


  • Size:
    Volume Control Board: 3.6 x 2.7 inches
    Decode Board: 2 x 1.5 x1.7 inches
  • Wide Control Range: -107.5dB to 10dB
  • Accuracy: 1dB/step

  • Output Noise Voltage: 15.89?V

  • THD+N: 0.0327%

  • SNR: 92.2dB

  • Single Ended Audio Signal Input and Output

  • LED Status Indicator

  • Flexible Connection and Easy Installation


High Sound Quality

Every board is carefully designed by our skilled engineers and fine tuned for several versions before released and they can offer almost the best performance of the original chip. Easy to integrated, RCA interface and 3.5mm jack were provided together, 4pin PH or PX style audio interface for internal connection is also standard configuration, for OEM applications, we provide rich cable solutions to reduct customers assemble time.

Single (Asymmetric) Power Supply

All Sure Electronics volume control products use single power supply to reduce the system complexity. All power rails needed for those boards are generated on board.

Easy for Integration

This product series is built by 5 digitally controlled electric volume control boards, and each of them has a special character. The M62429 based volume control module (VC01) can be adopted into a lot of Sure Electronicss audio amplifier boards with the dual line DIP like interface. The M62429 based volume control board(VC02) provides a best price and only cost $7.99. It can provide an entry level performance. The PT2259 volume control board(VC03) provides a higher SNR when compared to M62429 solution, SNR was increased from 93dB to 100dB. The NJM1109 solution has almost same performance like the M62429, and it has an integrated earphone amplifier, the built-in 3.5mm port can drive load as low as 16ohm.(The RCA port has a resistor with 1k ohm in series.) The PGA2311 solution got a best performance, it has a SNR as high as 108dB in real environment, the on board DC/DC provides a symmetric power supply and the ripple was extremely low by Sure Electronicss special design. It can not drive earphones but has a low output impedance, output impedance was as low as 1k ohm. Gain was limited to 10dB to avoid damaging customers equipments in the NJM1109 and PGA2311 boards, it is about 3V/V voltage gain and enough for most mobile devices to output 2V RMS through these 2 boards. Gain was fine adjusted to 1dB or 1.5dB instead of what the main chip provide. OEM customers can request for adjusting the gain step setting and maximum gain and minimum gain, but it is not provided to retail customers.

Earphone Driver (Optional)

The NJM1109 product could also drive earphones directly. The maximum output power is 2 x 440mW. One special product branch is the NJM2777 based volume control board and it is also an earphone amplifier for those customers who need analog potentiometer solutions, this board has an external potentiometer interface. A potentiometer board is provided in the kit and if customer need special potentiometer configuration, just send email to to get help. There are 2 products in the product branch, started from $4.99 without earphone amplifier fucntion, and the full function version is $24.9.

Build for Your Applications

With fully rotary encoder solution, volume setting could be stored in the micro controller. And fade in, fade out function is provided by default. Connection cable could be any length between 1 foot to 6 feet, default cable length is 8 inches. Potentiometer solution is also provided for kiosks applications, customer could select between the rotary encoder solutions and the potentiometer solutions. Those volume control boards started from $4.99 only and provide very high flexibility, except the module configuration, all the volume control boards could work with most Sure Electronics amplifier (boards), and they can also work with most other brands amplifiers. We also provide infraRed remote control boards and it was also integrated with potentiometer or rotary encoders, and it is just a seamless upgrade to the rotary encoder control board or potentiometer daughter board, this board is provided to OEM customers only, for OEM inquiries, please send email to Sure Electronics provide a fully solution with DSP, amplifier and power solutions, contact us or our authorised distributors for more information. We have wide range solutions in military, industrial and medical amplifiers.

5 Years Product Life

Sure Electronics ensure that no product will be stopped within 5 years. Bluetooth products is something that always get a short production life, but Sure Electronics always sign long term contract with its suppliers and guarantee a 5 years product life, even if we really get some problem in this, we will provide fully pin to pin, screw to screw compatible solution to our customers.

Zero Stock for Customers

To meet our customers requirement in Just - In - Time manufacturing, Zero Stock policy, Sure Electroincs always provide enough stock, for most audio products, Sure Electronics always keep more than 1000pcs, and for best sellers, we keep more than 3000pcs, that means Sure Electroncis keep about 100k pcs circuit boards as stock at any time, that is true, in our Nanjing Stock, we have more than 80 CBM of finished products, and more than 100 CBM for half finished products, they are turning in very fast cycles. We can ship more than 98% requriements of our standard product - that is amazing, right?



Recommend power supply adapter:

Huntkey HKA02412020-8D 12V 2A 24W AC/DC Power Adapter

Package include?

Digitally Controlled Stereo Electronic Audio Volume Control Board VC04 x 1


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